Dr. György Lasz



Losing a close friend has never been understood and accepted! For this reason, I may apply to our heart at this time. There is no loss in our heart; we assured an eternal place for our friends, and beloved ones there. It may help us accept the unacceptable.

János Palotás


The following few lines can be found on the WEB page of the In-Kal Security Ltd. founded by him.


Dr. György Lasz (54) (Ph.D. Pro Deo. USA)

International security political expert

He was a retired counsellor of the Interior Minister (rapporteur). Previously: He was a criminal detective, and a head of a department . He has been a criminal media-expert since 1998.

After the political change-over, he was a head and a spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior up to 1992 when he was pensioned off. He has many state medals and the title of the excellent policeman. He is the author of many police and property protecting books.

He is the doctor of defective science. (He wrote and defended his learned treatise about general safety policy and about the professional, mental and ethical rules of insuring a program, with the title of “The legal consequences of the disturbances in Europe.”)


He was a friend, and this word means a lot to many people, so to me and my son too!

Today it is so hard to write about him and about the common memories, because his leaving was so unexpected. Once, I am sure that I will have the opportunity to recall my friendship with this exceptional man in detail. He was a friend and this place is eternal for him in my heart.

It is the natural part of life; however, it is incompatible with life that I more often have to say good-bye to somebody, whose existence was such a natural part of my life until his farewell. It was such a natural feeling to me that he always existed for me that he could call me or I could call him at any time, because we were friends. The naturally and the lack of it are those things which give me the impression of the empty space. This huge space has to be and can be filled with our common memories, thoughts with the progress of time.

Today there are two pictures in front of me. One of them is when he cam unknown to me to the National Organization of Entrepreneurs in 1991 and started to talk about his past in the Ministry of the Interior, and the other one is the funeral which was organized by his family in such a way that I have never experienced such a shocking but such a beautiful farewell. His wife, his sons and his friends took a memorable leave of him. He talked about his sons a lot and frequently and he asked my advice in connection with the upbringing of his sons while he played an important and unforgettable role in the upbringing of my son and also for my son, who also stood next to me at the funeral. The following years will give the opportunity for me to recall the countless events of the period which is between the two pictures! It became urgent to me, because the happening of these meetings was such a natural thing before, but I have to story away the revived memories deeply from now, because what was natural so far, that will be unrepeatable from the time on.

János Palotás