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About golf in general!

The world of golfers means a mystic atmosphere to many people in Hungary even today. Although this sport is played by more ran 60 million people around the world. There are 5600 courts just in Europe and close upon 150 in the neighboring Austria.

The Hungarian golf association records about 1000 golfers (not counting the foreigners). Among them there are about 150 who enter the tournaments from time to time.

Many people of the business world assert that the golf-court is the world’s biggest conference table.

The area of an average good-quality court needs so be 40-50 hectares. The experienced golfers can surmount the 18 obstacles in 4-5 hours. This period of time at one turn in a wonderful natural environment can have just beneficial results on our nervous system and physique impaired by the everyday life.


Most people do not even know that they have already played golf in their lives and it was very pleasant for them. The rules of this specific golf are partly different from the golf as competitive sport, though many people think it is a competition too.

Rules of the bedroom golf

1. Every player has to take care of his own equipment. Usually one club and two balls.

2. The game has to be agreed by the owner of the court.

3. Contrary to the open-air golf the aim is getting the club into the hole and keeping the balls out of the hole.

4. The handle of the club has to be hard for the effective game. The owner of the court has the right to check the hardness of the handle.

5. The owner of the court reserves the right to fix the length of the club for the sake of saving the safety of the hole.

6. The object of the game is making as many hits as the owner of the court needs to admit contentedly that the game is over. The neglect of this might call forth the player not to be allowed to play on this court again.

7. It is considered wrong when somebody goes straight for the hole right after arriving to the court. The experienced players usually take the time to admire the whole court, especially the well-shaped pillboxes.

8. We warn the players not to mention courts they played on before or are playing simultaneously to the owner of the current court. There are desperate court-owners who had damaged the player’s equipment on that account.

9. We encourage the players to be prepared for all contingencies and keep rain-outfit with them.

10. The players have to be sure their play is organized perfectly, especially when they play on a court first time. There are players who became indignant at finding out that they were not the only ones playing on the court they believed was private.

11. The players shall not presume that a court is always open to play on. Some players might suffer humiliation discovering that the court is temporarily under repair. The players are expected to be extremely tactical in case of this. Under such circumstances the advanced players can find alternative ways to play.

12. We suggest the players to ask permission from the owner of the court before going for the rear nine.

13. The slow playing is advisable but the players have to be prepared for speeding up – even temporarily – at the request of the owner of the court.

14. It is considered a wonderful achievement when a player (if he has time for it) can go for a hole more times during a match.

15. Only the owner of the court has the right to judge who the best player is. We suggest the players to think it twice before applying for permanent membership to a court. The owner of the court may come forward with new expectations and the rules may constitute the matter of change. Because of this many player rather like to play on various courts.