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ELECTION – 2006!



/Motto: – One may vote only for something and/or someone! The depression, the negation can not be the future prospects of a society, therefore, not its’ campaign! If the number of the parties in the Parliament got ever tighter, this would not have a good influence on the development of the Hungarian democracy!/

Budapest, 18. 03. 2006.

I have such a limited opportunity to write as I spend less time at home. However, I think that I have to write my most essential thoughts, impressions about the election due to in four years even if in brief and to the point.

I have to say that unfortunately I do not have committed reference to any parties which would make it possible to vote especially for someone’s program and for the human values of its prominent persons in 2006! Of course, it does not mean that there are not such persons valued and respected by me in the four parliamentary parties, whose political role I like to support. There are persons who represent value, honorable personal features in the four parliamentary parties, based on my personal impressions, and because of my personal career. According to the overall picture and the announced programs, I can not say that any of the parties can be considered as the prepared leading political force building the future Hungary! So, in 2006 I can make a decision on my steps connected to the election according to different principles.     

Some basic principles which influence me in relation to the elections:

  1. An important achievement of the democracy is that I can go to the polls indeed and can decide freely on which program, party, or person I would like to support. As follows, I will go to the polls in 2006, as well! 
  2. However limited the possibilities are, I endeavor to vote for someone and/or something not against something!

Positive elements influencing my decision in case of party list:

  1. It would not be good if the Hungarian legislation was constricted to any of the two parties. Therefore, I am absolutely sure to vote for one of the “small parties”, and I would recommend it to my friends, as well!
  2. Those steps, situations taken by the parties since the election of 1990 have an influence on my decision. Those steps are more important which have been taken by the parties than those which should have been taken or could have been taken! All the four parties were in the position of the government and the opposition near with the same social conditions within this period!
  3. The campaign steps of the parties – their speaking, calmness – influence me as well! All of the elections after the year of 1990 had a positive message for me that the majority of the society has never supported the so-called negative campaign, even if it was the Left’s or the Right’s. Both sides have tried it and have failed so far. This fact is very hard not to be recognized, therefore, it is beyond all understandings and unexplainable for me, that these ideas acting to the depression and the negative feelings in a “campaign strategy” can be sold “without any worries” for the leaders of the political parties who wish for political and social leading role. It will happen in 2006 as well, according to my conviction, and it could be a lesson in the preparation for the election in 2010! It is not enough to have the lessons, they have to be recognized, and it is not a shame to learn from them. The “non-knowledge” of the countable reaction of the society can lead to the quick loss of a significant supporting advantage; or rather it will lead in April! In my conviction, this can be the primary reason for the “beaten” political force in the parliamentary election of 2006 as well!

Positive elements influencing my decision on choosing the individual candidate:

  1. The voter knows the smaller or bigger part of the candidates in the domicile if everything turns out well. Nevertheless it is true that the voters do not have the personal knowledge, and referring to it, they do not go to the polls. My conviction is written among the basic principles that we should go to the polls and vote for something or someone. It is obvious that the parties could do more for the sake of introducing their candidates. However, it is true that it depends on them at a certain level how predispose we are to admit the information. In many districts, the political parties – and it is their general effort as well – endeavor to put up such persons as their candidates who are more and well-known. It is true in every district that the candidates introduce themselves in one or more local forums. It depends on us whether we find time to listen to these forums.
  2. Everybody has the opportunity to read the leaflets about the candidates posted to the mail-boxes, and look at the messages on the bills along the streets at the least. Its’ time demand is minimal even for the so-called overbusy people!
  3. We can keep our principle and can decide to vote for somebody even in that case as well, if we just have a look at the pictures, name, profession, age, etc. on the leaflets of the certain candidates, and with these limited facts but choosing the most supportable  one, we can go to the polls in order to vote for somebody. This decision can be based on our first impression, and we will be happy for it or regret it later on, but it is our decision. It is sure that the first impression of one out of the 6-9 candidates per districts is positive and supportable!

Other thoughts to use our vote with responsibility:

  1. Not having enough information, it is a supportable and acceptable argument if we decide to support and vote for a political force, just because the person is a so-called well-known public person. Even if the path of life and the behavior of such persons, and the scale of values of the parties are not identical with one another, but it probably features their political scale of values, and they do not preclude one another at the least!        
  2. The given political force is described by means of which public persons they can address, win, receive, and give space to their characters!

Have a good election in 2006! See you there! Not only the consequence will be ours, but also the responsibility will primarily be attributable to us!

Grand Ph.D János Palotás