In the political line of the past years, it was easy to explain it to myself why I do not have time to deal with the events of the daily politics and the public life. The outstanding professional challenges, I had had at that time, helped this standoffishness, and these tasks work out my every days. I was about to work instead of sleeping this evening, because I have to work, and the tasks have been noteworthy since many are waiting for those economic events on which their future and prosperity depend.

Ferenc Gyurcsány - Prime Minister of Hungary 2006-2010.

At present, I still can not concentrate on my work. I am listening to the news, and following the events on the Internet, and thinking of what way the events are going on, and what would be the solution and the expectable politic behaviors.

Finding a solution in such a moment, when increasing tension describes our environment, is not to examine the responsible leaders and their acts. Of course, it does not mean that even I myself can forget the events of the past months, and the flying of the political morals. However, even I myself did not expect to those contained in Gyurcsány’s speech. The speech and its conditions have to be examined and a lesson has to be drawn from it. I tend to look favorably on that this speech did not recall the reality. Its unadvised aim was to create the atmosphere for the meeting of the MSZP leaders, and to enforce the political promotion of a governmental proposal. This aim is also false, ill-advised, and unacceptable according to my opinion. However, in normal circumstances, the morally rejectable nature of an inside political meeting does not necessarily result in endangering the whole society. Life is a big player, and people especially politicians have to take the consequences of their acts. These events have to have consequence!

My faith, my political knowledge, the democracy and the morals do not allow the Gyurcsány government to stay in their place after the speech! This is not a question of the intention! It has not been settled around the table in the smoke-filled rooms of the politicians. This government will resign. It does matter when and in what circumstances. The consequences will depend on the above mentioned.  

The political scientists are brooding over if there will be a change of power, if the Parliament will be dissolved. Will a new general election be held? Will the actual coalition fail? If only this way may be the solution, we should prepare that the country will loose a lot in the following months, years. In this case, we have to count that the coalition, which won the election, become resigned to transfer the power “arbitrarily” only in the last resort.       

There is another solution, there is a democratic solution! One may come to peaceful, definite decisions, considering also the interests of the society! I do not say it is the only solution, but I say that for example this would be such a solution which may mean the management of the situation, and may take many benefits out of it in the future. 

I confirm that my faith, my political knowledge, the democracy and the morals do not allow the Gyurcsány government to stay in their place after the speech! It is not necessary that the “downfall” of the prime minister and that of the government carry along the coalition with themselves as well. The coalition may elect a new government for the place of the out-going ministry!  

That would probably be a proposal, if the coalition offered a post for such a person, who has little banter to politics but has the confidence of the public, and that person calls upon a so-called expert government, having and knowing from its outstanding professional training.

Unfortunately, we can see the signs of inexperience in handling the ongoing social situation. I see the news, listen to the happenings and the halting speech with concern. For example, that statements of the sessions of the coalition in which it establishes a tighter bond with the prime minister and its government. With this, we are going away from the solution, we have to count on more and more damages, and it will be harder to restore the public order! I am at a loss why it has to be like this! It is an unpleasant sensation that I know many who are unable to decide personally well, and I respect and esteem a good many of them!   

Budapest, 17. September, 2006.

Grand Ph.D János Palotás